Saturday, 19 June 2010

Route 66 - for all your Christian music needs

Based near Bournemouth on the South Coast of England Route 66 comprises Christians who seek to share the Good News of the New Testament to others within the framework of:
a) Outreach opportunities
b) Praise and Worship support
c) Special events

If you need upbeat, contemporary or traditional music, perhaps in a church to encourage believers or for an evening of outreach music to reach out to non believers, we are here for you. We play for any occasion, including weddings and funerals and if you have something to celebrate or a worthy cause to support we also play classic 60's and 70's music. So, please do just drop us a line at or phone 01202 578715. Oh, and have a very nice day too! :)

              We do not change the Messagethe Message changes us.